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    Pure Paws Amplify conditioner

    Formulated to moisturize the coat without the added weight. A blend of proteins and vitamins help to maintain your coat in optimal condition while adding volume. Amp it up to create that Winning Look!

    20,40 60,00  VAT incl.
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    Pure Paws Amplify Foam

    Pure Paws Amplify Volumizing Foam is specially formulated without Alcohol for creating volume, style retention and shine – while resisting humidity.

    16,80  VAT incl.
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    Pure Paws Amplify gel

    Amplify Volumizing Spray Gel is specially formulated  for maintaining healthy coats.  Combining the holding power of a gel with the even distribution of a spray – adding remarkable lift, fullness & body.

    16,80  VAT incl.
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    Pure Paws Amplify travel kit

    Volumizing Travel kit: Volumizing shampoo Volumizing pena Volumizing Gel Star Line Factor Zero

    24,00  VAT incl.
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    Pure Paws Bio-Enzymatic

    This innovation powerful product safely removes protein based stains, utilizing activated bio-enzymes. Formulated with biological degradation agents; it will deep clean your dog’s coat to a new level. Use this product to remove ANY Protein Based Stains.

    24,00 56,00  VAT incl.
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    Pure Paws Black Magic conditioner

    Product is used to keep black color enhanced by Pure Paws Black Magic shampoo last longer. Use in combination with Pure Paws Black Magic Shampoo

    29,20  VAT incl.
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    Pure Paws Brilliance conditioner 473ml

    Whiten and brighten while you moisturize and hydrate the coat. Safe to use on all colors as it will only enhance the colors and its not a dye.

    21,20  VAT incl.
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    Pure Paws Dry shampoo 237g

    Formulated without parabens, or talc this dry shampoo contains trusted simple and safe ingredients that offer strong oil absorption and volume-boosting benefits in a finely milled formula that is nearly invisible in the coat.

    20,80  VAT incl.
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    Pure Paws Ear cleaner

    A perfect way to clean your dogs ears!

    12,80  VAT incl.
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    Pure Paws Exfoliating shampoo 237ml

    This high performing low sudsing formulation gently deep cleans coat and exfoliate skin to remove dull, dead skin cells, excess oil, product build-up and other impurities.

    19,20  VAT incl.
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    Pure Paws Finishing spray

    Finishing Show Spray is the final step in achieving that polished “Show Look.” This light conditioning spray is formulated with hydrating agents to fight static and give the coat a healthy finished luster. Use this spray to brush through coats … Read More

    56,00  VAT incl.
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    Pure Paws No Rinse EXPRESS 473ml

    Formulated to quickly and easily Clean Urine Stains off of your dog’s coat before they dry. Urine must never be allowed to dry on coat!

    17,20  VAT incl.